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Filming the making of Secret Haven. (A city homestead prototype.)


Grand opening in March, 2018


Our Critter Crew

Our Little Homestead

Sophia Nicole Crawford aka “Sofie Bear”

Sofie BearSofie Bear was on her way to the animal shelter when she was introduced to us in January of 2016.  She loves to chase sticks!  She also loves her grandma, Mommy Jean.

Though she does not like car rides much, she enjoys hanging out at estate sales and meeting all the shoppers.



Gibby  aka Princess, Pumpkin or Bun Bun

GibbyGibby is a dwarf Lionhead and a gift from a Maryland friend.  She has taken over Colleen’s office and is quite demanding.  She has a “bunny grading system” for treats.  Low value treats are sniffed, slowly taken, and eaten in the same place she received the treat.  High value treats are snatched from your hand, then she runs away with it and gobbles it as fast as she can.

She loves to run laps around the office!  Her favorite pastime is getting a message.




Buddy is a bashful dwarf cutie pie with pink eyes.  He does not like to be pet, and it took a while for him to stop being afraid of people.  He prefers hiding out in his cave or lounging around in front of his fan.

He has the strangest little training habit ever!  He requires a pie pan full of rabbit food as his litter box.  Take away that litter set up, and he will punish you with messes where they shouldn’t be.  It’s a good thing rabbit food is not expensive!  He’s so short that he has to have a little dish of food that’s shallow enough for him to access.

He used to only eat rabbit pellets and would refuse treats, but now he loves other bunny-friendly foods.




OscarOscar was the inspiration for Our Little Homestead’s logo.  He was a rescued fish from a Maryland estate and traveled 9 1/2 hours to Tennessee.  He was a sweet little fish that did little “fish dances” when he wanted food.  He died a few years after the coffee house closed.



Secret Haven

This crew will be introduced during journal entries and their profiles will be added here.