Open source homestead and market gardening plans from start to finish!


We open May 1, 2018!  In order to reserve a share, please click on one of our products.  (Homestead and/or Cottage Shares).  Reservation is $5.  Please see each product for details.

Homestead Share is limited to 25 members at this time.


This is our primary work day for the farm.  We will not be available for tours or processing orders.  If you are interested in working in exchange for a Homestead Share, please let us know.

Homestead Shares

Cottage Shares

Homestead Shares.

Cottage Shares

Baking Day! Stop by for fresh baked breads, cookies and other goodies.

Homestead Day coming this summer.  A rustic meal will be planned with outdoor oven for breads, pizzas and more.

Homestead Shares

Closed for Sabbath.

New Chapter – Learning homesteading by walking through it.

It’s more than a new chapter.  There are critical and urgent matters to figure out how to solve. What to do with 19 chickens, 4 turkeys, 9 ducks, 15 bee hives, two koi ponds and a ton of rabbits all on a city lot!

Only 6 chickens are allowed and it is illegal to have them without a permit!  The police are leaving notices but we are determined to turn this estate sale into a beautiful project with a happy ending.   We have never taken on an estate sale like this, and now what?

We learn as we go, by walking though it.   Read full post on the City Homestead site.



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