Open source homestead and market gardening plans from start to finish!


We open May 1, 2018!  In order to reserve a share, please click on one of our products.  (Homestead and/or Cottage Shares).  Reservation is $5.  Please see each product for details.

Homestead Share is limited to 25 members at this time.


This is our primary work day for the farm.  We will not be available for tours or processing orders.  If you are interested in working in exchange for a Homestead Share, please let us know.

Homestead Shares

Cottage Shares

Homestead Shares.

Cottage Shares

Baking Day! Stop by for fresh baked breads, cookies and other goodies.

Homestead Day coming this summer.  A rustic meal will be planned with outdoor oven for breads, pizzas and more.

Homestead Shares

Closed for Sabbath.

Cottage Share




Cottage ShareOur COTTAGE SHARE includes the following:

MAY 2018

Cottage foods, prepared in our domestic kitchen.  Recipes, menu planning, classes, crafts, events, member’s only products.

JUNE 2018

Increasing the Cottage Share to include organic and naturally grown produce that our HOMESTEAD SHARE does not supply.  Such items include things we can’t grow like pineapples, bananas, avocados, coconuts and other produce.

JULY 2018

Increasing the Cottage Share to include pantry and commercial kitchen items.  We will be adding bulk ingredients, dairy, eggs, and more.  You will also be able to place bulk orders for ingredients like flour, wheat berries, oats and other items typically sold in bulk.


Unlimited Shares Available

If we outgrow our current location, we can always expand!


Please note that we can not ship anything, nor deliver.  You must be able to pick up at our Clinton, Tennessee store.


To reserve your share: $5. Your reservation fee will be applied to your first monthly administration fee.  Please note that this is a separate fee from our HOMESTEAD SHARE.  If you subscribe to both shares, your reservation fee will be $10 initially, however your monthly fee will be $5.

Monthly administration fee: $5 This fee covers the price of hosting the site, maintaining the membership forum, purchasing and maintaining baskets and other supplies.  If you are subscribed to our HOMESTEAD SHARE then you will not be charged a monthly fee for this product.

Weekly Share: $30 /per week.

You can stop or pause your membership via your member dashboard.


  • To reserve your share, you will need to pay a $5, non-refundable deposit. This deposit will be used to maintain your account.
  • Sign up for the COTTAGE SHARE membership. This will be your member management dashboard where you can pause or cancel your subscription.
  • Our store opens May 1, 2018, beginning with Cottage foods and bulk ordering capabilities.  During the summer we will add the pantry.
  • We will be communicating with members via the membership forum.
  • Check our weekly schedule to see when you can shop.

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