Open source homestead and market gardening plans from start to finish!


We open May 1, 2018!  In order to reserve a share, please click on one of our products.  (Homestead and/or Cottage Shares).  Reservation is $5.  Please see each product for details.

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This is our primary work day for the farm.  We will not be available for tours or processing orders.  If you are interested in working in exchange for a Homestead Share, please let us know.

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Homestead Shares.

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Baking Day! Stop by for fresh baked breads, cookies and other goodies.

Homestead Day coming this summer.  A rustic meal will be planned with outdoor oven for breads, pizzas and more.

Homestead Shares

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City Homestead Properties


Convert city properties into market gardens and City Homesteads.


  • Provide income from the property.
  • Create open source plans for duplicating the set up.
  • Subscribers can earn commission by sharing the story and digital downloads.
  • Year-round produce for local CSA program.
  • Local community group for market gardening.

We are currently working on setting up two properties. (See below.)

To learn about the story behind Secret Haven, and how you can join and earn an income by sharing our story, please visit the City Homestead site.


Secret Haven

A country farmer moves to the city and sets up a secret city farm, hidden from code enforcement, but not intentionally.   As he aged, chores became more difficult to get done but instead of retiring, the city farmer tried to keep up, but the weeds grew.   People complained, then, the city found out about the farm.

With code enforcement on the scene, the farmer decided it was time to put the house on the market. He wanted to move back to Ohio and be closer to his sons.

The estate liquidators arrive after the farmer moves, but they know this is not going to be an ordinary estate sale. Never before in all their years as liquidators have they ever done an estate like this. It changes the way they do business, and it is so involved that they can't take any more estates until this one is completed.

Now it's a race to keep the property as a city farm.

  • Type: City Homestead
  • Location: Knoxville, TN
  • Status: Currently filming on location.
  • Scope of project:
    • Initial Clean Up
    • Estate Sale
    • Renovations
    • Deciding what to do with the homestead

Our Little Homestead

This is a story about two entrepreneurs who attempted to open a coffee house. They were unable to come up with a supplier for organic produce because they didn't generate enough business to qualify for wholesale prices.

They closed down the coffee house and continued working in estate liquidation, which prevented them from making a commitment to set up a market garden; however, estate liquidation provided some income, so they had to keep going.

In August of 2017, they received a phone call that would make them wonder what the next chapter in life would be. They had never before had an estate sale that would combine homesteading, until Secret Haven came about.

It is a chance for them to continue with estate liquidation, while learning about homesteading.

  • Type: City Homestead
  • Location: Clinton, TN
  • Status: Grand opening set for March, 2018
  • Scope of project:
    • Homestead set up
    • Renovations
    • Tennessee Cottage Food Act
    • Farm Stand
    • Commercial Kitchen
    • Coffee House on the same property