Open source homestead and market gardening plans from start to finish!


We open May 1, 2018!  In order to reserve a share, please click on one of our products.  (Homestead and/or Cottage Shares).  Reservation is $5.  Please see each product for details.

Homestead Share is limited to 25 members at this time.


This is our primary work day for the farm.  We will not be available for tours or processing orders.  If you are interested in working in exchange for a Homestead Share, please let us know.

Homestead Shares

Cottage Shares

Homestead Shares.

Cottage Shares

Baking Day! Stop by for fresh baked breads, cookies and other goodies.

Homestead Day coming this summer.  A rustic meal will be planned with outdoor oven for breads, pizzas and more.

Homestead Shares

Closed for Sabbath.


Set up small homesteads under the umbrella of City Homestead, in order to provide as many nutritional crops and food products as possible for the communities we serve.


Affordable nutrition.


City Homestead will manage the market gardens on small properties and also team with local growers for products not available on any of the managed homesteads.

Our Little Homestead is one of the properties managed by City Homestead.

Problems that need to be solved

Nutritional foods are expensive.

The cheapest foods on the market are processed foods while organic foods are beyond the reach of many people.  Our solution is make our products comparable in price with a typical household grocery budget.

CSA subscriptions contain too much produce.

Getting a box of produce once per week can be overwhelming to many and the produce can spoil before it can be used up.  Our solution is to allow subscribers to purchase credits then spend their credits when they need produce.  Our weekly fee of $25 can be divided throughout the week, or spent all at once.

CSA boxes contain foods that not everyone likes.

The truth is, there are people who hate broccoli or peas or some other produce, and having the items in their CSA box can result in wasted food.  Our solution is to let subscribers select the items they want to put in their subscription.  They will only be shopping for products they know they will use instead of receiving items that will go to waste.

Organic foods are expensive.

Before organic became a buzzword, millions of families grew their own produce with no buzzwords attached to it.  It was just fresh food straight from their gardens and no one needed to classify if it was certified or not.  The urgency for people to have affordable nutrition out weighs the expenses involved in obtaining certification.

Our growing practices are transparent and tours are available.  Our solution is to grow everything naturally; the way it used to be.  We will pass on the savings to those who buy our naturally grown produce.

You’re welcome.


Affordable nutrition that provides a unique shareholder experience.  Customers can pick out their produce while it is still growing.  It’s the freshest form of produce we could think of, next to growing your own produce.

Market Fit

Our system allows our shareholders to walk into our market center and select many vegetables right from their growing pots!  Now that’s fresh!

For those who prefer to have produce already packaged up, we will still have the traditional CSA format.